“Dreams of Chess and Go…”

I knew it was a dream.

I was walking on a road. I don’t know where I am going, yet I noticed I was with someone. The person smiled at me. I knew him yet I could not say his true name. He was a friend, yet for some reason I called him Peter. Yet when I said his new name, it had a ring of truth in it. It was weird. I think I’ll just call him Peter. He nodded.

I asked him where we’re going. He said we were going to King’s Landing. I laughed. I asked him why are we going to King’s Landing. He murmured something about someone waiting for us in there. He said someone will teach us how to play Go. I stopped walking and asked him if he was serious. He also stopped and said yes and told me that we should hurry and it is dangerous to stop. He said we should not stop, no matter what happens. He kept on moving.

I followed him while wondering what he means by that. I noticed the woods and the mountains that suddenly came into view. We walked in the shades of the woods. Then we saw two horses drinking on a pond. We also found a golden Go board beside it. I was happy. I asked Peter if I can take it with me. He nodded. He said we can buy the stones or we can sell it at King’s Landing. Peter saddled the horses and we rode them. We kept on moving through the forest.

I saw a brown hill in the middle of the road. I told Peter it was in the way and pointed at it. Peter nodded. Then, the hill suddenly… moved. It was not a brown hill that stood up. It was a Titan! I screamed. Peter was afraid. The giant came after us. It was holding a big, black Go stone, of all things. The horses cried as we ran deeper into the woods.

I tried to stay close and keep up with Peter, but the golden Go board was too heavy. Peter told me to split the golden board into two. I tried to, but it won’t break. The Titan roared behind us. Peter took the board and pushed a button at the side. The golden board easily split into two pieces. I took one and left him the other half.

Peter took something from his pockets and threw it in the air behind us. It was a white pawn, a soldier chess piece. The pawn expanded and disappeared in a veil of smoke. A Power Ranger came out of the smoke! It was the White Ranger. I heard it shout “It’s Morphin’ time” with gusto, waving his sword flute around this and that before trying to summon the Dragonzord.

But before he could summon anything, White Ranger was eaten by the Titan. White Ranger shrieked like a girl. “Kun! Kun! Kun!”  the Titan roared, as it pounded him relentlessly with the big, black Go stone it was holding. The Go stone broke his head and the Titan chewed on his body like a sandwich. It then spit off whatever remained of him. The Titan still came running after us in a heartbeat, still holding the bloody Go stone.

White Ranger was useless.

WhiteRangerPhoto from Wikipedia

To be continued . . .


3 thoughts on ““Dreams of Chess and Go…”

  1. I can relate to everything in your dream. :))

    In the past two weeks, my Go dream involves a Go player [blind item] who I have no interaction with and probably doesn’t even know my existence… It started with me trying to get him notice me (LOL+WTF?!) and then purposely ignoring him, then he shouted, “Whatever floats your boat!”. Eventually, we became friends… and I knew it was a dream.

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    • A koreanovela romantic dream! I’ve also been there before haha. You know that lovely feeling when you are dreaming those kind of dreams? You feel like you’re swimming in a warm sea of milk. And you feel that bright happy feeling in your heart while the dream goes on. Then you wake up, and the cozy feeling is still there… And only then we realize it was just a dream. Oh! Why did it end?


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